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Hackers are Coming: HBO Rings in August with a Data Breach

Turns out, you weren’t the only ones eager for Game of Thrones spoilers. Of course, we hope you didn’t launch a 1.5 terabytes attack on HBO to get them! That’s exactly what happened on July 31st, 2017, when the network giant fell victim to a large-scale cyber crime. Experts are already saying HBO’s data breach is larger than even the devastating attacks on Sony in 2014. In fact, it’s expected to have been about seven times bigger! Keep reading to learn more about the situation at HBO, including what the hackers have stolen and already leaked online. Read More

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Do Data Breaches Hurt A Company’s Stock Value?

Over the last few years, conflicting reports have been released on whether data breaches affect the stock value of companies. The question at the center of this debate remains: “If my American business suffers a cyberattack, will its value plummet on Wall Street?” The Harvard Business Review issued a staunch “no” back in 2015, but new findings made by Comparitech are showing that there’s more to the story. Comparitech discovered that stock prices are lowered, both after the initial public reveal and throughout the years to come. Read More

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New Routing Tech Allows the Network to Play a Role in Security

Tech startup 128 Technology has been working on a new way to handle Internet traffic that could make it even more difficult for hackers to steal information online. On top of being more secure, this new tech also simplifies networking. This in-development technology could be used to improve how data centers and cloud services route Internet traffic, making it faster and more secure. Read More