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Microsoft Opens Third Lab for the Internet of Things

One big story in recent tech news is that Microsoft has opened the doors to its first European Internet of Things (IoT) lab in Munich, Germany. There are already two other such labs located in Shenzhen, China and Redmond, Washington. Expanding into the European market makes sense, as industrial companies all over the world are eager to keep their operations ahead of the tech curve. Read More

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How IoT Devices Are Changing the Data-Driven Data Center

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a huge driver of contemporary technological advances. IoT devices, of course, are common household or personal products that, when connected to the Internet, can be controlled using smartphones or tablets. While you likely wouldn’t be surprised that the IoT is changing the way people think about common items, you might be more surprised about the way the IoT is changing the data center. Here, we’ll talk about three ways the continued popularity of IoT devices has and will continue to change the data center. Read More