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Airflow Management

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Four Methods for Improving Your Data Center’s Energy Efficiency

It’s no secret that technology consumers are currently ramping up their online connectivity. The Internet of Things (IoT), video streaming, and throughput for servers and storage have hugely increased bandwidth demands in data centers. At the same time, as bandwidth demands increase, data centers need to become even more creative in limiting their energy consumption. We’ve scoured the net to discover four innovative solutions to more efficiently power your data center. Read More

Blog Post

How Machine Learning Systems Will Affect Data Center Operations

As data centers grow worldwide — in both number and physical size — over the coming years, will employment opportunities also grow? Unfortunately, the increase in data centers doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in employment opportunities. In fact, major data center operations are now hiring fewer data center engineers, instead choosing to monitor the data center through smart technology and machine learning technology.

Smart technology is able to monitor the data center’s environment, such as the cooling and heating of the room — keeping the right temperature is especially crucial during warmer months, in order to keep maintenance costs down — in addition to monitoring the data center’s power, which is more of an issue during warmer months when power outages are likelier. While smart technology can sense many issues in the environment, it still can’t catch all issues, nor can it analyze the data that it collects. That’s where machine learning technology comes in by combining with Internet of Things devices in order to analyze video and sounds to help prevent data center issues. Read More


Data Center Airflow Management

Whether you prefer to contain your hot aisles or your cold aisles, it is clear that maintaining your data center’s airflow is an important factor. The infographic below covers many of the key points on airflow management!

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