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Are SSDs Worth It In The Data Center?

For decades, hard drives have ruled data centers as the only viable, cost-efficient way to store data. However, innovations like 3D NAND technology raise the amount of memory that can be stored in a single chip, lowering the overall cost per GB for solid state drives (SSDs). With renewed competition, SSDs are becoming cheaper than ever before, as prices are expected to cut in half by the end of 2015. Now that cheap, large SSDs are becoming so prevalent, is it time for companies to consider SSDs for their data center?

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Cost vs Risk on a Data Center Move ~Infographic~

Data Center moves are fraught with opportunities for potential risk. Sometimes, you can mitigate those risks by spending your budget wisely. Check out our infographic below that outlines some of the ways you can balance cost and risk to find the sweet spot for your project. Read More