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3 Steps for Safeguarding Your Data in the Cloud

If the recent photo leaks of Hollywood celebrities have taught us anything, it’s that cloud systems aren’t secure places for storing data. Indeed, don’t think for a second that A-listers are the only Americans being impacted by these cyber crimes. Many people store personal, confidential data in their clouds, which makes them a tempting target. Hackers could easily gain access to your online storage too if you don’t take the proper safety precautions. While there isn’t a way to guarantee that your data are totally secure, we’ll tell you the best methods to help safeguard your cloud. Read More

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The Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC): Virtualization In The Data Center

The Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC): Virtualization in the Data Center

One of the biggest trends in the Data Center is set to be software-defined computing, storage, and networking. In other words, the virtualization of everything. These software-defined functions are becoming so common because of their benefits: they allow organizations to have flexibility and speed, and, at the same time, lower their costs. It’s not difficult to see why businesses have adopted virtualization on such a wide scale. But what does this increasing virtualization have to do with the data center? Read More

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Digital and Physical Data Center Security

As cloud storage and computing are becoming further entrenched in the way average technology users go about their day-to-day lives, and as millions of iPhone users purchase the iPhone 7, nearly every one of them will be using iCloud to download all of their contacts, pictures, and contents which will get them back up and running in no time.  Read More

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Co-mingling Managed Services and Cloud Computing in the Data Center

The benefits of cloud computing are many. But now that cloud computing is becoming more and more useful for companies, what will happen to traditional managed services?

The answer: managed services providers are increasingly combining big cloud platforms with traditional managed services to do what they’ve always done – take care of day-to-day operations to give your in-house IT team time to focus on strategic initiatives. Read More

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Cloud Users Say Security is Not #1 Concern

Security is no longer the biggest concern among cloud users according to a newly-published survey. RightScale says users are now most concerned about a lack of resources and expertise.

The figure comes from the 2016 State of the Cloud Report, based on the questioning of 1,060 technical professionals, covering businesses of all sizes. It found 32% of respondents thought lack of resources and expertise was a challenge, compared with 29% citing security. Read More

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Three Unusual Data Center Locations

If you think all data centers are the same, think again. Yes, many of them are in anonymous, nondescript buildings sited wherever there’s a secure facility with decent access to cooling (or a temperate climate). But here are just a few of the growing number of less conventional data center set-ups. Read More

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A New Model for Data Management Takes Hold

Companies with major data centers appear to be melding comfortably with the cloud.

Nearly two years ago a report by the tech research firm Gartner predicted that nearly half of all large enterprise firms would rely on hybrid IT infrastructures by 2017.

It turns out that Gartner’s forecast may have underestimated the rate of adoption. A new report indicates that the hybrid model has arrived more quickly than expected. Read More

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