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5G and Future Data Centers: Challenges, Potential, and Preparation

5th generation wireless networks — abbreviated as 5G — isn’t a thing of the present, but more and more data centers are preparing for it to soon be a reality. Companies like Google, AT&T, and Nokia are already starting testing 5G’s capacity, determining what 5G will be when it enters the global market. As 5G transforms from a concept to a reality over the next several years, data centers need to be ready. Read More

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What You Need to Know About Power Usage Effectiveness

At one time, data center efficiency was a method to measure energy consumption to which many data centers didn’t pay attention. Now, however, as nearly every business has an online component, and, in turn, a data center, data centers need to pay attention. The standard use metric is Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). Here, we’ll answer some of your questions about PUE and how it can improve the efficiency of your data center.

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The New Frontier of High Density Data Centers

As competition increases and margins become razor thin, it’s critical to minimize the physical (and, therefore, energy) footprint of data centers. After all, as data center size increases, real estate costs—especially in high-value areas such as Hong Kong and New York—go up as well as related expenditures. For example, roughly one third of data center power usage goes to operate equipment while half goes to cool that equipment.  Read More

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Data Center Liquid Cooling Systems

Your data center’s information technology equipment (ITE) has many enemies ranging from cyber threats to physical intrusions to natural disasters. However, day in and day out there is one primary enemy: heat. Read More

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Choosing a New Data Center: Five Factors to Keep in Mind

You’ve finally decided to make the move. Your current data center no longer meets your needs, so you decided to start searching for a data center replacement.

With so many factors to consider and so many options available, however, choosing a new data center isn’t always an easy task. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are five questions you should consider when searching for a replacement. Read More

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