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The Continuing Saga Of HBO’s Game Of Thrones Data Leak

The Continuing Saga of HBO’s Game of Thrones Data Leak

Last week, we filled you in on the cyber attack launched against HBO on July 31st, 2017, where unaired episodes, photos, and scripts were stolen. Remember how we reported that HBO’s email system was thought to be safe? Well, a week later, it turns out that it was also breached!

While HBO still believes that its entire email system wasn’t compromised, some distressing material has recently appeared online. Part of the hackers’ 1.5-terabyte data breach includes the Game of Thrones‘ stars personal details, which were allegedly lifted from company emails. Consequently, it seems that this cyber attack on America’s television giant may have hit much deeper than originally thought.

Since our first article, the HBO hackers have leaked more content online, including 37,977 email addresses, internal documents, and GoT’s fourth episode, “The Spoils of War”. As the weeks ahead progress, more data leaks are certainly anticipated. We’ll give you the full update below. Read More

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Data Backup and Security: The Importance of Outsourcing Data Management

We certainly are in the age of big data: more than 90% of the world’s data has been created over the last several years, and the amount of data is doubling roughly every two years. By 2020, IDC estimates that we will produce 44 zettabytes of data every year — that’s 44 trillion gigabytes! This includes all of the data that humans produce through various online activities, in addition to the data collected by Internet of Things devices. Read More

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