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Three Unusual Data Center Locations

If you think all data centers are the same, think again. Yes, many of them are in anonymous, nondescript buildings sited wherever there’s a secure facility with decent access to cooling (or a temperate climate). But here are just a few of the growing number of less conventional data center set-ups. Read More

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Device Naming Theory

What’s in a server name? This question has inspired debate for nearly as long as computers have been around. And it’s a debate worth having, since a poorly thought out naming scheme can create some surprising challenges down the road. There are many differing schools of thought on the subject, but the real “right” answer tends to depend on the scale of your environment and its projected growth.

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The Modern Data Center

It doesn’t matter if you see them or not, data centers are everywhere and so are the devices and connections that use them. That traffic light that caught the guy in too much of a hurry? Uploads to a data center somewhere. That cute cat picture you can’t help but like and share? It’s sitting on someone’s server in a data center or server room. It’s a lot to take in though, the world of data centers have been around for over thirty years and it has continued to evolve and change – an ecosystem all its own. Thanks to datacenterworld.com we have an easy to digest graphic that displays some of the hows and whys of the data center. Check it out!

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