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PCI Express Storage Solutions in the Data Center

Faster and less-expensive solid state drives stand to change the mechanical storage expectations of the modern data center. Current connection standards are creating a performance bottleneck that is unable to keep pace with SSD speed gains. To combat this problem, storage device manufacturers are looking at new ways of connecting storage devices to computer systems. Read More

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Graphics Virtualization Turns Underpowered Devices into Graphical Powerhouses

Imagine a workplace where employees could run graphically demanding software like CAD applications and video editing suites on a modest-cost laptop instead of an expensive, powerhouse workstation without sacrificing performance. Graphics Processing Unit Virtualization lets businesses utilize their data center servers to handle much of the heavy lifting that was previously only practical on expensive workstations. GPU Virtualization works by dividing the hardware’s memory and cores into multiple, dedicated instances so multiple virtual devices can rely on having powerful graphical capabilities at all times. Both AMD and Nvidia have GPU virtualization solutions available.  Read More

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