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Three Ways to Save By Making Your Data Center Greener

As energy costs continue to rise around the world, more companies are beginning to look into cutting costs any way they can. For some, this means decreasing their workforce, which can often decrease output. Others will look to spend less on market research and non-revenue generating positions.  However, when looking into cost-savings, it is important to consider all options, and a company’s data center is an excellent place to start. Making your data center greener will both limit a company’s energy usage and save them money due to this efficiency. Read More

Blog Post

Going Green? Making Your Data Center More Eco-Efficient

Since every data centers’ core mission—having 100% uptime–requires a steady stream of power, clean and inexpensive, renewable and reliable energy should be a mantra for any environmentally and fiscally responsible data center.

That in mind, here’s a look at three ways data centers can become more ecologically efficient. Read More