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3 Keys to Effective Data Center Capacity Planning

There is a well-earned sense of satisfaction when your IT department finally has your data center set up and performing the way it’s meant to: efficiently and securely managing your software applications, telecommunications, and data storage. However, this is not the time to rest on your laurels. Instead, you need to formulate a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) plan, a major component of which includes data center capacity, to account for current and future needs.  Read More

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Computer Sales Decline: Causes and the Data Center Connection

Sales numbers tell the story: people are not buying computers as often as they used to. This sales situation doesn’t spell doomsday for the computer industry, but reflects how people and businesses use computer technology today. Just a decade ago desktop and laptop computers were the only two viable work and leisure device classes. These devices did most of the work locally. Today’s devices are more often serving a communicative role instead of a productivity role by offloading work to data center servers.  Read More

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Software Defined Data Centers: Moving Towards a Brighter Future

Companies that have not switched to a software defined data center model are missing out, maximizing existing infrastructure while throwing away money on upkeep costs. It’s time to move to a more efficient way of managing web applications and long-term storage. Modern computing requires more server power than ever: fortunately, server technology can handle more work than ever. Software defined data centers address the need for more power while being more economical in the process. Read More

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