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Data Centers Need More Highly-Skilled, Versatile Workers

The global data center market is expected to be worth $14 billion by 2022 — it was valued at about $6 billion in 2016 — with no chance of slowing down anytime soon. Automation, Internet of Things devices, and machine learning systems are rapidly changing normal data center operations, making it difficult to predict what the industry will be like in the long-term. Because of this rapid growth and innovation, there is a high demand for data center engineers that are highly trained and have a variety of skills — skills that are beyond the industry norm. Read More

Blog Post

Apple’s Controversial Data Center in Ireland Gets Stalled Again

On June 23, 2017, a judge was expected to make a final ruling on Apple’s plans to build a data center in Athenry, Ireland. Instead, the Irish Courts Service cited a “shortage of High Court Judges, practitioners and parties,” and pushed the court date back to July 30, when presumably someone will be available to preside. If the June 23 ruling had happened, it would’ve been the official verdict in a tug-of-war between Apple and Irish citizens that started two years ago.

Apple first proposed the Athenry data center back in February 2015, but a series of obstacles have halted the project. Essentially, the building plans are gridlocked by a small band of Irish locals. This standoff is resulting in a true battle of wills, where neither side plans on budging. However, with such mounting tensions, many outsiders wonder why Apple hasn’t already taken its business elsewhere. Keep reading to discover why the powerful company’s plans are being foiled. Read More

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