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Do Data Breaches Hurt A Company’s Stock Value?

Over the last few years, conflicting reports have been released on whether data breaches affect the stock value of companies. The question at the center of this debate remains: “If my American business suffers a cyberattack, will its value plummet on Wall Street?” The Harvard Business Review issued a staunch “no” back in 2015, but new findings made by Comparitech are showing that there’s more to the story. Comparitech discovered that stock prices are lowered, both after the initial public reveal and throughout the years to come. Read More

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DRAM and the Effects of Memory Size on Data Center Budgets and Size

One of the most significant factors that increases data center cost is one that is often overlooked: memory. The reason, according to experts, that data centers have to get much bigger and expensive is because of the need to increase memory, and in recent years, that memory increase has often focused on DRAM. Here, we’ll answer four of your questions about DRAM and the role it plays in data center management.

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Data Center or Server Room: The Best Choice for Your Business

With upwards of 80 percent of enterprises and 63 percent of small and medium sized businesses investing in big data projects over recent years, and budgets of $1.6 million to $7.4 million, the question of data storage is at the forefront of many companies’ minds. One decision facing such companies as they look to store data is the choice between internal server rooms or external data centers. Here are some key components to consider as you make the data storage decision.

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Zombies Could Be Lurking in Your Data Center: Get Rid of Them

Chances are your data center could save a small fortune in electrical bills and plug some substantial security holes by powering down unused server hardware. As of the end of 2015, there were 42.8 million physical servers in the world: about a third of these servers, or 12.8 million, were on but not actually doing work. A zombie server, also referred to as a comatose server, is a physical server that’s drawing electrical current while not being used. Servers become zombies when a new server takes over its role and it’s not repurposed or decommissioned. Some servers are unused because they’re running applications no one is using. According to TSOLogic, many servers stay running because management is nervous there could be problems by powering down the systems. Read More

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