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5G and Future Data Centers: Challenges, Potential, and Preparation

5th generation wireless networks — abbreviated as 5G — isn’t a thing of the present, but more and more data centers are preparing for it to soon be a reality. Companies like Google, AT&T, and Nokia are already starting testing 5G’s capacity, determining what 5G will be when it enters the global market. As 5G transforms from a concept to a reality over the next several years, data centers need to be ready. Read More

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Data Center or Server Room: The Best Choice for Your Business

With upwards of 80 percent of enterprises and 63 percent of small and medium sized businesses investing in big data projects over recent years, and budgets of $1.6 million to $7.4 million, the question of data storage is at the forefront of many companies’ minds. One decision facing such companies as they look to store data is the choice between internal server rooms or external data centers. Here are some key components to consider as you make the data storage decision.

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Three Ways Your Data Center Can Save Energy

With environmental concerns on the rise, it’s more important than ever for data centers to run efficiently. From smart watches to smart cars, data centers are at the forefront of technology, and our dependence on them is only expected to grow. In the U.S. alone, industry experts predict the data center construction market will grow at a CAGR of 4.38% between 2016 and 2020. As we face more and more pressure to keep operations green, it’s critical that data centers keep their carbon footprint to a minimum. Here are some things to consider as you create a more efficient data center. Read More

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The New Frontier of High Density Data Centers

As competition increases and margins become razor thin, it’s critical to minimize the physical (and, therefore, energy) footprint of data centers. After all, as data center size increases, real estate costs—especially in high-value areas such as Hong Kong and New York—go up as well as related expenditures. For example, roughly one third of data center power usage goes to operate equipment while half goes to cool that equipment.  Read More

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The Evolution of Data Centers from Energy Consumers to Energy Savers

Data centers are changing rapidly, and, as they become reliant on environmentally-friendly practices, there will be some winners and losers. Winners will be data centers that create energy-efficient infrastructures that combine software, construction, and utility in an eco-friendly and cost-effective way. Losers will be data centers that rely on diesel generators and traditional power generation.

Why will active energy players be more effective in the years to come? Here are three reasons this kind of power generation will save you money — and can be feasible for your data center.

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Choosing a New Data Center: Five Factors to Keep in Mind

You’ve finally decided to make the move. Your current data center no longer meets your needs, so you decided to start searching for a data center replacement.

With so many factors to consider and so many options available, however, choosing a new data center isn’t always an easy task. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are five questions you should consider when searching for a replacement. Read More

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Zombies Could Be Lurking in Your Data Center: Get Rid of Them

Chances are your data center could save a small fortune in electrical bills and plug some substantial security holes by powering down unused server hardware. As of the end of 2015, there were 42.8 million physical servers in the world: about a third of these servers, or 12.8 million, were on but not actually doing work. A zombie server, also referred to as a comatose server, is a physical server that’s drawing electrical current while not being used. Servers become zombies when a new server takes over its role and it’s not repurposed or decommissioned. Some servers are unused because they’re running applications no one is using. According to TSOLogic, many servers stay running because management is nervous there could be problems by powering down the systems. Read More

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Getting to the Root of the Problem: Microsoft Explores Server Rack-Mounted Fuel Cell Power

One of the biggest problems facing data centers is providing sufficient affordable energy to power servers. Microsoft’s study “No More Electrical Infrastructure: Towards Fuel Cell Powered Data Centers” proposes the case for designing server racks with integrated fuel cells instead of relying on grid power infrastructure. According to Data Center Knowledge, Apple and eBay have already implemented fuel cell-powered data centers, but Microsoft’s plan takes things a step further. Read More

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