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Data Backup and Security: The Importance of Outsourcing Data Management

We certainly are in the age of big data: more than 90% of the world’s data has been created over the last several years, and the amount of data is doubling roughly every two years. By 2020, IDC estimates that we will produce 44 zettabytes of data every year — that’s 44 trillion gigabytes! This includes all of the data that humans produce through various online activities, in addition to the data collected by Internet of Things devices. Read More

Blog Post

Ransomware and Data Centers: Avoiding a Worst Case Scenario

Ransomware attacks make the news again and again, typically striking fear into anyone with important data on a computer or server. According to Trend Micro, ransomware is a family of malware that either prevents or limits access to computer information by encrypting data or locking the screen until someone pays a financial ransom. It’s an interesting paradigm shift in how malware operates because it prevents data access instead of stealing information. A ransomware infection can cause your business to lose time, work, and money. The best thing your data center can do to avoid losses from a ransomware attack is to take proactive measure to prevent attacks and devise a reactive plan. Read More

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