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How Machine Learning Systems Will Affect Data Center Operations

As data centers grow worldwide — in both number and physical size — over the coming years, will employment opportunities also grow? Unfortunately, the increase in data centers doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in employment opportunities. In fact, major data center operations are now hiring fewer data center engineers, instead choosing to monitor the data center through smart technology and machine learning technology.

Smart technology is able to monitor the data center’s environment, such as the cooling and heating of the room — keeping the right temperature is especially crucial during warmer months, in order to keep maintenance costs down — in addition to monitoring the data center’s power, which is more of an issue during warmer months when power outages are likelier. While smart technology can sense many issues in the environment, it still can’t catch all issues, nor can it analyze the data that it collects. That’s where machine learning technology comes in by combining with Internet of Things devices in order to analyze video and sounds to help prevent data center issues. Read More

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Insurance and Beyond: How to Protect Your Company’s Data

Your company may be relocating across the country and planning a big data move, or your company may simply need better data management. Either way, all of your data must be secure and insured. Improper handling of data can result in costly lawsuits, loss of important data, a damaged reputation, and beyond. Read More

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The Importance of Physical Security in the Data Center

It may not seem like the physical location of your data center is important. However, even as more and more data center management moves to the cloud, the fact remains that the security of the physical perimeter of your location is still important. In fact, many experts suggest that security around data centers should be amped up even further. Skeptical? Here, we’ll describe ways to keep your physical data center more secure.

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The Data Center of the Future: Connecting to the Internet of Things

There’s no doubt about it: the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing. By 2020, specialists predict there will be 25 billion devices connected to the Internet. Further, in 2017, the technology and services revenue from the IoT is expected to grow to $7.3 trillion, up from $4.8 trillion in 2012.

This hyper-connectedness, means, of course, that there will be a greater need for data center storage, communication, and asset management. So, what does this mean for your data center exactly? Here, we’ll talk about three ways the increasing reliance on the IoT will affect your data center. Read More

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Digital and Physical Data Center Security

As cloud storage and computing are becoming further entrenched in the way average technology users go about their day-to-day lives, and as millions of iPhone users purchase the iPhone 7, nearly every one of them will be using iCloud to download all of their contacts, pictures, and contents which will get them back up and running in no time.  Read More

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Avoiding Data Breaches: Destroy Retired Storage Device Data

Don’t throw out or resell that old server, hard disk drive, or solid state drive just yet: unless you’ve taken the proper precautions to ensure the data is unrecoverable, you could be putting your business and personal information at risk of theft. A recent study of storage devices resold on Craigslist found that a staggering 67% still contained personal information and 11% contained business information. This study highlights the importance of making sure your company’s old storage devices are properly cleared before disposal or resale. Read More

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New Routing Tech Allows the Network to Play a Role in Security

Tech startup 128 Technology has been working on a new way to handle Internet traffic that could make it even more difficult for hackers to steal information online. On top of being more secure, this new tech also simplifies networking. This in-development technology could be used to improve how data centers and cloud services route Internet traffic, making it faster and more secure. Read More

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Ransomware and Data Centers: Avoiding a Worst Case Scenario

Ransomware attacks make the news again and again, typically striking fear into anyone with important data on a computer or server. According to Trend Micro, ransomware is a family of malware that either prevents or limits access to computer information by encrypting data or locking the screen until someone pays a financial ransom. It’s an interesting paradigm shift in how malware operates because it prevents data access instead of stealing information. A ransomware infection can cause your business to lose time, work, and money. The best thing your data center can do to avoid losses from a ransomware attack is to take proactive measure to prevent attacks and devise a reactive plan. Read More

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Cloud Users Say Security is Not #1 Concern

Security is no longer the biggest concern among cloud users according to a newly-published survey. RightScale says users are now most concerned about a lack of resources and expertise.

The figure comes from the 2016 State of the Cloud Report, based on the questioning of 1,060 technical professionals, covering businesses of all sizes. It found 32% of respondents thought lack of resources and expertise was a challenge, compared with 29% citing security. Read More

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