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How Governments Use Big Data to Keep Citizens Safe

When it comes to the topic of big data, many people still view its collection as invading their privacy. Throughout recent years, the US government has come under fire for acquiring an increasing amount of data about its citizens. Back in 2000, studies showed that information collection was rising at record paces. Indeed, ever since 2013, the acquisition of big data is anticipated to double with each new year.

Why do governments need this quantity of information? Within the American public, there appear to be widespread misconceptions about big data. As a term, “big data” simply refers to complex data sets, which can’t be analyzed by traditional processing means. Once reviewed, this immense amount of data is meant to fully reveal patterns, trends, and connections, specifically in relation to people and their societal interactions. Overall, the US government gathers this data to keep its citizens safe, rather than snooping into their personal lives. We’ve listed several examples below for your consideration. Read More

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