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New Approaches to Server Hardware on the Rack Level

A new technology implementation approach is poised to make upgrading your business’s data center hardware easier and more effective. Rack Scale Architecture is a new way to look at utilizing server power by pooling resources between servers within the rack instead of treating the rack as just a physical container to house hardware. This concept allows the servers housed in the rack to share assets as needed which not only makes the servers more powerful, but also makes them more efficient. Intel’s inter-device, high-speed communication technology OmniPath fabric is essential in making this new server approach a reality. OmniPath was designed to address mass-node supercomputing, but it also has applications for improving server clusters. Read More

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Software Defined Data Centers: Moving Towards a Brighter Future

Companies that have not switched to a software defined data center model are missing out, maximizing existing infrastructure while throwing away money on upkeep costs. It’s time to move to a more efficient way of managing web applications and long-term storage. Modern computing requires more server power than ever: fortunately, server technology can handle more work than ever. Software defined data centers address the need for more power while being more economical in the process. Read More

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Graphics Virtualization Turns Underpowered Devices into Graphical Powerhouses

Imagine a workplace where employees could run graphically demanding software like CAD applications and video editing suites on a modest-cost laptop instead of an expensive, powerhouse workstation without sacrificing performance. Graphics Processing Unit Virtualization lets businesses utilize their data center servers to handle much of the heavy lifting that was previously only practical on expensive workstations. GPU Virtualization works by dividing the hardware’s memory and cores into multiple, dedicated instances so multiple virtual devices can rely on having powerful graphical capabilities at all times. Both AMD and Nvidia have GPU virtualization solutions available.  Read More

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